2016 Boston Marathon

by Lauren on April 22, 2016

Two years ago, I was hunkered down in my apartment in a city under lock-down, as a result of the unforgettable events taking place at the 2014 Boston Marathon.  Fast forward to now, in a city re-energized by one of the more exciting spectator sports in the world.  Marathon running offers an incredible up-close view, at no cost.

Fortunate for me, I live very close to the Boston Marathon route, and was able to secure a viewing spot early in the day.  While I’d rather savor a delicious donut than run a marathon, fewer things are more awe-inspiring than an elite runner burning by at top speed, a soldier paying tribute to the armed forces while running in full uniform, tireless runners pushing wheelchairs, and on and on.  I’ll leave you to enjoy some of the day, in pictures:

Media Truck Boston Marathon

Media Truck

Hayle Desisa Boston Marathon

Hayle and Desisa battle it out with one mile remaining. Hayle would emerge as victor with a time of 2:12:45.

Hilary Corno Boston Marathon

American Hilary Corno heads into the final stretch, and went on to secure her spot among the top 20 women finishers.

Boston Marathon Runners

Runners digging deep at mile 25.

Boston Marathon Crowd Citgo

The crowd cheers on runners as they power towards Kenmore Square and Boston’s iconic CITGO sign.

Soldier in Full Uniform running Boston Marathon

Soldiers in full uniform running the Boston Marathon have become a customary sight. A nearby policeman shares his appreciation.

Boston Marathon Man Pushing Wheelchair

Team Effort


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