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Improv Immersion at Second City

Second City Training Center

When you’re trying to be funny, you’re never going to be hilarious. In improvisation, the funny is born out of the spontaneous interactions that occur between and among characters. If I ask you, right now, what the first thing is that comes to mind, you might think: “Esmerelda, pruning, Baby Gap, pickle jar, existentialism, ASSHOLE!!..” […]

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So you want to be a travel blogger?

There were hundreds milling about, clutching iPads and shiny new business cards, eager to network with complete strangers. They did so easily. Conference attendees downed their coffee while exchanging stories of rides on chicken buses and tips on where to stay in India. One could tell these were hardened travelers, accustomed to finding their way […]

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The Unscripted Adventure

I’m making a movie. After years of planning travel adventures, writing about them, and photographing coffee plantations in Costa Rica, mountain goats in the Alps, and dusty trails in America’s Southwest… it’s time to show you. I mean, really show you, what adventure travel means to me. Identifying a partner to work with was difficult. […]

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Impeccably clean, friendly to tourists and smartly designed, Iceland’s capital is remarkably safe as well. If I had realized sooner that Reykjavik was a mere five hour flight away, I would have visited a lot sooner. Spending a day, or a few, in the city is a must-do on any Nordic adventure itinerary. See: Hallgrímskirkja […]

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Iceland’s Golden Circle

I am not a huge fan of tours. Sitting on a crowded bus while cameras flash endlessly, then following a guide carrying a red flag… not my idea of an enrichening experience. Until Iceland. Taking the Golden Circle Tour is one of the best travel decisions I have made. Included are three phenomenal stops: the […]

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