The Day Travel Changed Me

Getting from here to there in Tanzania.

  I had traveled over 7,000 miles by plane to reach Kathmandu. After a hair-raising ride in a tiny taxi with holes in the floor, I arrived safely at the hotel. Perfect timing for a shower. Apparently, a cockroach thought so, too. The creepy critter was making his way across the bathroom floor, an unwelcome […]

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Mount Kilimanjaro; 5895m (19,341 ft)


It was midnight, and a cold wind picked up just as soon as we departed our camp. Would my six thermal layers keep me warm for the next twelve hours? At altitude, the chill sets in easily. Thirteen headlamps lit our trail, a dusty path with innumerable switchbacks. Quadriceps burned as we trudged upwards in […]

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My Story

I wanted to bring my stories of travel to life, so I made a movie. Years of travel, condensed into this short film, “Adventure Unscripted.” My hope is to encourage others to live their most adventurous life. Adventure Unscripted from Lauren Schaad on Vimeo.

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Malibu Creek State Park

For a city overrun with celebrities, it’s nice to know you can get away from it all when in Los Angeles. A friend suggested I check out Malibu Creek State Park, and I only wished I had left more than just a morning to explore. Located just 25 miles outside of downtown Los Angeles, Malibu […]

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Barr Camp Interview

Half way up Pikes Peak in Colorado is a friendly rest stop called Barr Camp. Since 1979, Caretakers have stayed at Barr Camp, welcoming visitors and making sure all are hiking safely. Reservations can be made in advance for those wanting to stay the night. Not a bad idea during a 24-mile round trip hike […]

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