Demystifying the Gluten-Free Diet


I stop to gaze lovingly at the French bakery. And then I just walk right by. Inside is a seductive ingredient that binds together the buttery goodness of a soft croissant: gluten. Some may wonder why I would pass up a bakery visit. “I could never live without bread!” is a common reaction. Well, 1% […]

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Training Without the Gluten

One of the great things about training hard is the ability to eat. A lot. Your appetite increases, as does your body’s need for protein and carbohydrates. However, fueling out on the trail can be tough if you have food allergies. In my case, I avoid gluten. While many view the need to steer clear […]

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Eating Gluten-Free in Thailand

With a little extra planning, it’s possible to eat gluten-free in many international locales. Here’s my take on Thailand, which will give you the general lay of the land. These photos are from my travels in Bangkok: General Tips: 1) Bring gluten-free restaurant cards with you, spelling out your condition in Thai. 2) Talk to […]

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Sweet Arleen’s

Sweet Arleen’s 960 South Westlake Blvd Suite #4 Westlake Village, CA 91361 805.373.7373 I needed a cupcake. It was as simple as that. So why not head to a famous bakery, known for winning The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, twice. At my hotel following a fantastic wedding in Westlake Village, CA, the concierge knew exactly […]

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What Gluten-Free Means to Me

Four years ago I let go of something big in my life. It had brought comfort, happiness, satisfaction… or so I thought. Gluten was actually the hidden reason I felt constantly fatigued, and inexplicably ill for many years. Without it, and having now given up wheat products, I’ve regained much strength, and a few other […]

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