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I’m Lauren, and you are visiting my adventure travel blog. Here you’ll read about fun travels abroad and in your backyard. Yes, that’s me in your backyard. Right now, on your kids’ swing set. You never know where I’ll show up next.

Seriously, from tips for choosing an awesome guide, to tricks for easing an aching back (darn you, economy class), you’ll find it all here.

I travel far, climb high, and give back wherever possible.

My blogging career started in business school. Something had to keep me awake during Corporate Finance. Having lived and traveled gluten-free, I wanted to help gluten-free folks understand what they could and couldn’t eat when journeying to far-flung places in Southeast Asia.

Then I realized that my audience included me plus, like, three others. So I broadened my focus to travel in general, then narrowed it to adventure travel (while still showing the love to my pals eating healthily).

And voilà, here we are.


Adventure travel to me is pushing to a place where you feel alive. I like climbing mountains in remote areas of the world, and eating gelato, anywhere. I have a weak spot for cosmopolitan European cities, French men, and happy, jumping children. You may like beaches. Or just drinking a daiquiri, while pretending you’re on a beach. No judgement here.

Got a question or a comment? Feel free to contact me at lauren [at] laurenschaad [dot] com. My favorite part of the week is responding to your emails. Seriously. I get to all of ‘em, though it may take a day or so.

The stuff on here — writing, photos — is by yours truly, unless noted. Also by me is this, a documentary short (yay, a movie!) about travel. The team at Unrendered Films was instrumental in its creation.

It’s the real real me, plus ice axe.

Feel free to follow along on Twitter and Pinterest. You can also check out my writing in Women’s Adventure Magazine. Thank you, from the bottom of my wild heart. Now get out there!

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