A Day in Geneva

by Lauren on March 5, 2012

My day in Geneva began as many travel days do, in the pouring rain. Incidentally, most museums were closed on Sundays as well. Refusing to stay inside and admit defeat, I threw on a rain jacket and took to the streets.

St. Pierre Cathedral

Before long, I found myself in the quaint Vielle Ville (Old Village). Tucked into a quiet, cobble stoned street was the Espace Rousseau (Rousseau Museum), dedicated to the remarkable life of this political thinker and writer. Informative as it was, best to visit the erudite display when not jetlagged.

Just down the street from a museum was a quaint church, into which a beautiful bride was walking, on the arm of her handsome father. I walked by at the precise start to the wedding, when a string quartet had struck up Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Religious monuments would remain the theme, as the next square I happened upon housed La Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, where Protestant John Calvin preached between 1536 and 1564.

The sun had come out by this point, and there was not a cloud in sight. What better thing to do than get wet again. Geneva’s Jet de’Eau is a powerful fountain along the western edge of Lake Geneva. At 1000+ horsepower and jetting 7 tons of water at any given time, it’s quite the shower.

One can even walk along the pier for a closer, and wetter view.

Soaking wet but happy, I crossed one of the many bridges over the Rhône river on my way back to Les Pâquis, the eclectic neighborhood where I would spend the evening. There’s always, of course, time for window shopping. Especially of the dessert variety.

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